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Patients that have benefitted from Chiropractic, Laser, and Nutrition care have LOTS to say!

“Before seeing Dr. Andrea Hoglen I was getting sinusitis every other month. When I saw Dr. Andrea, she adjusted my cervical spine and also recommended several herbs. Within a month or so of being adjusted by Dr. Andrea I felt amazing! And I haven’t had any sinus issues since then!”

"I went to Dr. Andrea Hoglen to get her help with my lower back and hip pain. Her bed-side manner was very personable and warm. She adjusted my back and used a laser device to help relax my muscles. It felt wonderful! She even talked to me about what I could do on my own to help my back. I would recommend Dr. Andrea to EVERYONE I know who needs chiropractic care!!"

“Once I started seeing Dr. Andrea Hoglen, I realized that the barometer upon which I was basing my comfort and quality of life was set to "mediocre" and chiropractic care helped me set it much closer to optimal. I didn't even know that I felt old until Dr. Andrea helped me to feel young again."

"I have been a patient of Dr. Andrea's for several years now and have recommended her to family and coworkers. I am consistently amazed with her level of knowledge and her ability to keep current with new information relating to my health care. Dr. Andrea always takes time to foster the doctor/patient relationship and communication. She consistently points me in the right direction and patiently redirects me when I am getting off track with my health goals, all with a feeling of TEAMWORK.

Chiropractic care from Dr. Andrea Hoglen has helped me feel better overall and stay healthy."

“When I went to see Dr. Andrea Hoglen I was in so much pain that even bending forward a fraction was impossible. By the end of the first session I felt remarkable relief that continued to grow throughout the afternoon and evening. By late evening I was able to bend again, without pain, to what was almost normal for me. As the days passed my condition improved and improved. After just my first follow up I am back to all normal activity.
Dr. Andrea also corrected a shoulder injury for me many years ago.
Highly, highly recommend."

"Wow what a difference....went in with mid and upper back pain and walked out feeling no pain and stiffness. I wish I would have known about Dr. Andrea Hoglen earlier in my life. The service and attention to the patient's needs are hands down the best I have experienced at a doctor's office. I recommend her chiropractic services to anyone needing pain relief and long term treatment. I was also surprised at the wide range of supplements that she offers and her clinical knowledge of them. I picked up a great muliti vitamin that she reccomended, and it has since become a main staple in my daily routine, and I couldn't be happier.