Therapeutic Lasers, also known as Cold Lasers, have been used for years to help patients, including elite athletes, heal from injuries faster than ever. These cold lasers operate at a different frequency than surgical or other lasers and are completely painless

The frequency used in cold lasers has a powerful property: it can be instantly absorbed by the individual cells and turned into cellular energy.
No waste, just instant energy that the cell can use to repair and regenerate.

Areas treated with laser therapy have faster healing, increased blood flow, and significant reduction in pain.

Laser therapy can be used repeatedly to add healing fuel to damaged cells, and every therapy builds on past treatment. Your cells actually become more efficient at using laser energy with each treatment, meaning that your next treatment will be even more beneficial than your last. 

Because therapeutic laser therapy provides energy directly to the cells, even old injuries or long lasting damage has the potential for repair. Research shows that Laser Therapy is a risk-free option to reduce chronic joint pain. In some cases, even old scars have healed, increasing their flexibility and reducing their visible appearance.

Dr. Andrea also offers simultaneous Micro-Current therapy in combination with therapeutic laser. A form of e-stim, micro-current gently stimulates the muscles and nerves of the affected area to decrease pain rapidly, while increasing blood flow and stimulating healing of the tissue as a whole. It provides a painless, gentle tingling sensation that soothes aching muscles and joints.

Conditions Which May Benefit from
Laser Therapy:


Sprain/Strain Injuries

Acute Joint Pain

Chronic Joint Pain

Plantar Fascitis

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Back & Neck Pain

Jaw & TMJ Pain 

Knee & Shoulder Pain

On-Site Laser Therapy for Athletic Teams

Dr. Andrea is pleased to offer mobile laser care for sports teams and their training facilties.
 Help your athletes recover from injuries and pain faster than ever!

Dr. Andrea currently offers care to SPLITZ Gymnastics in Canton, Michigan on 

alternating Mondays (please call for times & schedule).

Call Dr. Andrea at 734-751-8068 to find a time and schedule that is right for your 

athletic group.